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The journey of Shan’s remarkable success starts from 1981, when the dream of one man became a reality. A visionary entrepreneur, an avowed humanist and a committed philanthropist, Mr. Sikander Sultan, CEO Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd, helped pave the way to success by pioneering in the spice business. It was Mr. Sikander Sultan’s commitment and dedication that starting from a single room company, today Shan Foods stands as one of the most reputed food company and a powerful global brand with presence in more than 65 countries across 5 continents. Initially spice recipe mixes were indeed shared within the family and it was not until much later that orders from distant relatives, friends, acquaintances and even perfect strangers started to arrive. Overtime, the company prospered and Mr. Sikander Sultan decided to launch its very own brand with the name of SHAN. Since then there has been no looking back. Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd, has, over the past decade, changed more than ever before in its illustrious history.
Rejuvenating existing business, entering new ones, manufacturing high quality products and expanding into foreign markets are among the initiatives the company has undertaken with vigor. Today, Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd is Pakistan’s leading food company with its products being appreciated globally. Looking to expand its product line, Shan continues to introduce new products that better caters to the changing needs of the consumers. In order to take advantage of growth opportunities, Shan has now enhanced its production capacity even further with manufacturing units installed in UAE, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and USA. The company now also harbors offices in Sharjah- UAE, Makka- KSA and Manchester- United Kingdom.
Shan’s success can be attributed to its ability to continually identify and respond to the changing consumer needs through Research and Development, stringent Quality Assurance standards and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
Shan is truly an example of a progressive Shariah Compliant business where Shariah guides the business operations and values remain consistent. These values are embraced by its people and have played a major role in Shan’s success to date and will continue to do so in future. Shan does not offer products only; it provides an indulging and delightful food experience that is JUST PERFECT!

OUR BUSINESS Manufacturing and Marketing of Food Brands



Management Staff: around 360 & Non-Management Staff: around 281




Approximately 1000




374 distributors within Pakistan 60 distributors across 45 countries




HEAD OFFICE – Plot 29, Sector 23, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan.




Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom.

A global food brand offering premium quality innovative products, which delight our consumers.

Shan, a responsible corporate citizen, adhering to its core values, trusted globally for providing great tasting consistent quality food products.

We are determined to reach every kitchen by diversifying into growing food categories through innovative, healthy & safe products for the ultimate delight of our consumers.

We will enhance shareholders value through sustainable growth, develop strategic relationship with our business partners and ensure safe work environment for our employees.

Since its inception, Shan Foods (Pvt) Ltd has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of Shan, forming the foundation on which its employees perform and make decisions.

Shan’s success is based on a dedicated team of professionals who collectively embrace a unique combination of the following strong core values:

Honest, fair and ethical with all stakeholders.

We care and actively contribute to the community in which we operate.

We believe in truth, trust and team work. Promote a creative environment, where people have the opportunity to grow, dare to take risks and work with passion.

Honoring our commitment. We set new benchmarks for the industry by going the extra mile and delivering superior value to our consumers and stakeholders.

We delight our consumers by offering innovative and exciting food solutions by reaching out to them wherever they are, to meet their current and emerging needs.

Actively seeking opportunities to reward & recognize our winning teams and celebrate our success.

We strictly comply with all Shariah laws and remain conscious of it in every sphere of business.

At Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd we have more than 1000 people who share the same vision that is aligned behind a clear strategy expressed in a simple road map. Our ambition for Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd is to be recognized as the world’s trusted leader in taste, quality and to be the main point of reference for outstanding financial performance in our industry. We have produced strong results in the past and will continue to drive our efforts to achieve higher level of performance even in difficult circumstances. Our competitive advantages are our unmatched taste,brand portfolio, R&D capability, unrivaled international spread, values, work culture and employees, who have played a pivotal role in turning our vision and mission into a reality.

Our unique and comprehensive brand portfolio has become an important face of our consumers’ daily lives. We have the industry’s leading resources and assets through our extensive R&D network. This enables us to translate our consumer insights swiftly into successful commercialized products; thus leveraging the rapid progress in science and technology.

Our comprehensive global presence paired with deep local consumer understanding gives us a golden opportunity to benefit from the economic and demographic trends for growth in both developed and developing countries.By the grace of Almighty Allah, our Islamic culture and values remain our single most important competitive advantage. Long term thinking, integrity, mutual respect, pragmatism, openness to diversity, passion for quality and delighting consumers in accordance to the Islamic laws remain at the core of our Company culture.

I believe that our stakeholders, their qualities and values, are at the heart of what makes Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd the company it is. We thank them for their energy,enthusiasm and commitment that have contributed heavily to Shan’s success.

Muhammad Sikander Sultan
CEO, Shan Foods (Pvt) Ltd.


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