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Rice Basmati


Basmati is a variety of long grain rice grown in India and Pakistan, notable for its fragrance and delicate, nuanced flavour. Its name means “the fragrant one” in Sanskrit, but it can also mean “the soft rice.” India and Pakistan are the largest cultivators and exporters of this rice; it is primarily grown through paddy field farming in the Punjab region.

Paddy rice: is rice which has retain its husk after threshing
Husked Rice(Brown rice or cargo rice: is paddy rice from which the husk only has been removed.The process of husking and handling may result in some loss of bran
Milled Rice (white rice) is husked rice from which all part of the bran and germ have been removed by milling
Gelutinous rice;Waxy rice Kernels of special verities of rice which have a white and opaque appearance.The starch of glutinous rice consist almost entirely of amylopectin.It has a tendency to stick togeather after cooking
1- Heat Damaged Kernels Heat Damaged kernels are kernels ,whole or broken that have changed their normal color as a result of heatingthese kernels are yellow due to alteration
2-Damaged kernels Damaged Kernels are kernels,whole or broken,shows obvious deterioration due to moisture,pest,diseases or other cause,but excluding heat damaged kernel
3-Immature kernels Immature kernels are unripe and undeveloped kernel
4-Chalky Kernels: Chalky kernels are kernels except for glutinous rice ,of which at least three-quarters of the surface has an opaque and floury appearance
 5-Red Rice: Red rice are whole or broken kernels with a red coloured pericarp covering more than one quarter of their surface
6-Red – Streaked Kernels: Red – Streaked Kernels are kernels with red streaks the length of which may be equal to or greater than on – half of that of the whole kernel, but the suface area covered by these red streaks shall be less than one – quarter of the total surface
7- Rotted Kernel: Kernels that are discoloured,swollen and soft as result of decomposition by funji or bacteria









Rice Basmati

Chemical Composition

"Milled rice contains an average protein content of 5.9-11.9%The amino acid composition of rice protein is similar to that of other cereal grains, with high levels of the nonessential amino acids glutamic acid and aspartic acid, and corresponding low levels of the essential amino acids lysine and methionine"




Botanical Name: Oryza Sativa L.
Commercial Name: Chawal Basmati
Part of Plant: Seed
Method of Production: Harvest Product
Origins:  Pakistan and India

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