Just Perfect

The food experience offered by Shan is an array of delicate featuring the perfect selection of ingredients and grinding,enabling Shan to be blend in  just the right combination,letting its consumer savoir the toothsome scintillating taste and flavorful aroma of its product that creates a food experience that is JUST PERFECT!

The Perfect Selection

From the pioneering start in 1981,Shan Foods (PVT)Ltd has grown into one of the world’s most trusted brands in providing food solutions.The pivotal success factor lies in the perfect selection of its high quality ingredients from both the local and international markets,making  it the perfect choice for its consumer across 5 continents.

Perfect State of the Art Technology

After selection of the finest ingredients,the grinding process is initiated using state of the art techniques. Shan Foods(PVT)LTD  is the first Pakistani Company that uses Cryogenic techniques to preserve real taste ,color and aroma for its product .Cryogenic is a word that is derived from Greek, which means to prepare products at below freezing temperatures.In the Cryogenic process,we  grind ingredients from 0 to minus 70 degrees Fahrenhiet to produce a powder form.During the grinding process we freeze spices by introducing nitrogen gas which retains their real taste and exceptional attributes.

The Perfect Blend

Shan’s strong heritage and high recognition among consumer is an outcome of its unrivaled blending expertise that leads to perfect food experience. This directs to consistency in taste and quality for all products that come under the banner of Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. We blend spices with the perfect proportion compared to other company’s products which are sometimes of a higher or lesser ratio. Therefore their consumers do not get a consistent taste every time. Only Shan Food (Pvt.) Ltd makes the perfect blend that gives you perfect taste, aroma, and color every time.

Preserving Freshness Perfectly

Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd uses advance methods of packaging that keeps the content of the products fresh for a longer period of time, thus providing consumers with more healthy and wholesome food each time they consume the product. Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd has introduced V-Lock technology to preserve the contents of the products and keep them safer and more secure for a longer period. V-Lock technology keeps the spices fresh and preserved. Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd is one of the few Pakistani companies that’s have introduced V-Lock Technology in Pakistan. V-Lock technology keeps our products fresh and retains its color, aroma and taste in all weather conditions.

The perfect Experience

Consistently exceeding the needs and expectations of our consumer, Shan Foods promises a perfect experience for its consumers to savor with every meal. The secret behind the variety and wide acceptance of Shan’s products across the world since more than last three decades is our unmatched high quality selection of ingredients, the perfect grinding, unrivaled blending expertise and high preservation techniques. The Food experience offered by Shan stimulates all 5 senses leading to an experience that is JUST PERFECT!



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