Dahi Bara Chaat


Dal Mash/Moong skinless urad/split mung: 1 cup/200g soaked for 3-4 hours and the coarsely grounded
Ferina/maida ½ cup/50g Salt: ½ teaspoon
Meetha soda 1 teaspoon (Soda-bicarbonate)
Oil/ghee 3 cups/500g for deep frying
Yogurt 2½ cups/500g sieved through a muslim cloth
Sugar powder 1 tablespoon, finely grounded
Shan Dahi Bara Chaat According to taste

Cooking Instructions:

1.In grounded dal add maida, sugar, meetha soda and some water.

2.Mix to make a thick paste. Set aside for 15 minutes. In hot oil fry the lentil dumpling/dahi baras until light golden.

3.Remove from oil and set aside to cool. Refry the lentil dumplings/ dahi Baras in hot until golden.

4.Remove from oil and set it aside to cool Soak the dahi Baras in water for a while. Then press lightly to squeeze out the water from the lentil dumpling. Dissolve the sugar in yogurt then add lentil dumplings/Dahi baras.

Seasoning_Dahi Bara

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